About Us

Balance in Motion

For the leadership team, this company is a pathway to a better, sustainable future, where we give nature a stakeholder role. By first focusing on balancing the energy grid through batteries we can give a push to the energy transition that is much needed to reach the ambitions of a fossil free world.

We want Dispatch to be a leader in the energy transition, always excelling through authenticity, quality, expertise and challenging the norm. The leadership team will continue to ensure quality in what we do, and also strategically keep dreaming and developing the next innovative and impactful step in the growth of our ambition in the energy transition.

It is estimated by TenneT (TSO) that in 2030 10,000MW of battery storage is needed in the Netherlands for a stable electricity system. A reliable and flexible energy grid lays the foundation for further reduction of CO2 emissions in the Netherlands.

Our vision is to strategically develop battery energy storage systems directly to central substations of grid operators in order to create scale and enhance grid flexibility for a large area.

Dispatch - Quality, Reliable, Impactful

  • Products from Tier-1 battery suppliers.
  • Close cooperation with grid operators.
  • Remotely controlled through long-term contracts with energy suppliers.
  • High level of safety and always developed according to legal standards and obligations.
  • 24/7 smart monitoring and long-term maintenance contracts.
  • Financing by reputable parties.