Our platform makes it easy to add flex storage to your portfolio.

A new way to manage your imbalance & congestion risk.


Verify your company on the Dispatch Flexibility Platform so that both the technical and the  financial operations run smoothly.


Choose the rental period that best suits your interests and bid for full control over a battery unit. Dispatch offers weekly and quarterly rental periods.


Once won, gain access to the battery unit at the start of your rental period by connecting to the API using your unique and secure login details.


The battery will follow the setpoints you give it and can be operated at any electricity market. Receive the battery at 50% State of Charge and return it at 50% at the end of your period.

No in-house steering capabilities? Don’t worry, Dispatch offers additional services via experienced partners so that everyone can profit.


Receive the earnings following from your steering strategy and mitigate your portfolio risks while optimizing  market opportunities.