Meet Our Team

Eiso Vaandrager


Eiso has an MSc from Delft University of Technology and an MBA from RSM & Haas (Berkeley USA). Eiso has more than 20 year’s experience in the renewables sector. Eiso is a seasoned PE/VC investor and equity project financier who also has entrepreneurial experience in both Europe and the US. Eiso has been a partner and investment manager at several renewable energy funds. Eiso has been involved with financing the large battery at the Amsterdam Arena Stadion.

Eiso was part of the core team that built the first Dutch solar car, which won the World Solar Challenge in 2001.

Eiso is a seasoned cleantech investor who also has entrepreneurial experience in both Europe and the US.
His entrepreneurial career also includes an impressive history of technology innovation. Eiso was part of the core team that built the first Dutch solar car, which won the World Solar Challenge in 2001. He is also a shareholder and active participant in Aigency, a platform for bringing AI solutions to corporates. Through his work with Delft University he was the founder of Project March, a student team using AI and robotics to build an exoskeleton which has been used to help people with spinal damage to walk again. Eiso was also shareholder and Commercial Director of Formula Zero, a hydrogen fuel cell racing company.

In addition, Eiso is the founder of TEDxEverest, TEDxUnitedNations and a board member of TEDxAmsterdam and co-founder of NOVUS Summit at the United Nations in New York and set up the investor track at Startup Fest Europe 2016 while working closely together with HRH Prince Constantijn.

Hans Vink


Hans has a MSc Mechanical Engineering from Delft University of Technology and has graduated on the design of a new battery technology. Hans has worked for several years as a solar project developer at Solaris Industria and as a battery business developer at Groendus. Hans has been an advisor to ING on their 2019 battery market forecast report.

Hans is also an advisor on the energy infrastructure of Hatua's E-bike as a service model in Kenya, specifically focusing on analyzing appropriate battery technologies, integration of their model within the local environment and instigating partnerships for maintenance and circularity

Anne Cramwinckel

Operations Director

Anne has a background in running complex organisations where many stakeholders are involved. For example Anne was the Program Director Technology for is a non-profit publicly funded organisation helping to build a thriving startup ecosystem in the Netherlands. Anne was also the Program Lead & Deputy to Program Director Task Force Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Working together with many international stakeholders including the US government. Anne has worked with many more organisations as operational director, including TEDxAmsterdam, Institute for Digital Natives, TekkieWorden, Startup Fest Europe, and many others. As Program Director at Startup Fest Europe Anne was involved in bringing both Eric Schmidt, CEO of Alphabet/Google and Tim Cook, CEO of Apple to Amsterdam.

Anne has extensive experience in building fast growing organisations and companies operating in complex environments.

Emile Touzard

Project Developer

Emile has a MSc from TU Delft, with a specialisation in renewable energy production from wind and solar generation for on and off grid applications with storage possibilities.

Denis Van Melkebeke

Project developer Belgium

Denis his journey into energy storage project development is fuelled by a desire to take meaningful, concrete action towards a sustainable future. Denis believe that real change is possible through strategic, actionable steps. With a strong belief in the possibility of a greener, better planet, he dedicates myself to making a tangible impact where it really matters.

His career began in large companies within the IT sector, where he initially honed his technical skills. Over time, his role evolved, allowing him to delve into project management and team management. This progression equipped him with a robust set of skills that he now leverages in the energy sector. Transitioning from IT to energy storage may seem like a leap, but for him, it was a natural evolution. The analytical thinking, project execution and relationship management skills developed in IT have been invaluable in his current role.
Within Dispatch, Denis focusses on developing energy storage projects within Belgium that not only promise sustainability but also deliver real-world benefits and concrete returns

Oliver Schieb

Project Developer Germany

Oliver holds a diploma in industrial engineering with a major in renewable energy and earned his MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands).

He is a seasoned management professional, advisor and entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in business development, organizational management, regulatory and governance.

Oliver is passionate about the energy transition towards a carbon-free future and the opportunities of large-scale energy storage systems. Before joining Dispatch, he has co-founded a hydrogen venture and was interim COO of the leading digital outdoor platform.

Over two decades, Oliver has been working with international businesses in various industries including renewables, infrastructure and energy. He has worked for leading management consultancies in Germany and abroad, for an international mobility and logistics corporation and has co-founded a management consulting and law firm boutique.

Guido Dubbeld


Former CFO Eneco Group. Eneco is a producer and supplier of natural gas, electricity and heat in the Netherlands, serving more than 2 million business and residential customers. Guido has been with Eneco for 18 years, the last 9 of which in the capacity of CFO. Eneco developed a 48MW battery, called EnspireME in Germany 2018.

Guido is a shareholder and advisor to Dispatch. His expertise in energy markets, finance and his drive towards sustainabily helps to strengthen Dispatch.

2020 - heden Commissaris, R.E.T. N.V.
2012 - heden Commissaris, Stedin

2011 - 2021 CFO (Chief Financial Officer), Eneco
2007 - 2011 Managing Director Energy Trade, Eneco
2007 - 2008 Lid raad van advies, ENDEX
2004 - 2006 Manager Finance & Controle, Eneco
2002 - 2003 Risk Manager, Eneco
1996 - 2001 Risk consultant, AMS
1996 - 1997 Risk Manager, Fortis Nederland
1995 - 1997 Risk Manager, MeesPierson
1996 - 1997 Risk Manager , Fortis
1992 - 1994 consultant , Van der Zwan Consultancy

1989 - 1995 Economie, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Nederland, International Finance
2008 - 2008 Advanced management program, INSEAD Business School

Peter Molengraaf


Peter Molengraaf was the CEO of Alliander N.V., a network company in the Dutch energy sector.
Alliander has around 7,000 employees. Alliander consists of a group of companies such as Liander, Liandon, Kenter and Allego. The grid operator Liander transports electricity to 3.1 million customers and gas to 2.7 million customers in an area extending to over a third of the Netherlands. Together the Alliander companies represent an expertise in energy networks, energy technology and technical innovations.

Peter Molengraaf studied Informatics at TU Delft and then went on to receive an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management. Part of his MBA was completed at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Peter Molengraaf has held various management positions at Nuon and Shell. He is also a Member of the Supervisory Board of Vopak Netherlands and chairman of WENb, the employers' association for Energy, Cable & Telecom and Waste & Environmental Enterprises.

Peter is a shareholder and advisor to Dispatch. His creative and analytical mind helps position Dispatch in the Battery Energy Storage Market.

Joep Jacobs


Joep is committed to a better world. The transition to sustainable energy plays an important role in this. As the founder of solar park developer Solaris Industria, now part of Groendus, Joep experienced firsthand that the energy transition is going too slow, partly caused by the power network congestion.

With the battery storage solutions we implement with Dispatch, this congestion can be mitigated and the transition to the usage of renewable energy can be accelerated.
With his knowledge and experience gained at scale-ups, Joep helps Dispatch to become the battery storage developer of Europe. Joep assists in determining the strategy and building the team.