Balance in Motion

Maintaining a balanced energy grid is key for a successful energy transition. Dispatch aids the further and quicker transition towards intermittent renewable energy sources through battery energy storage systems.

We finance, develop and manage utility-scale stationary and stand-alone battery energy storage systems directly connected to the high voltage grid.

We lease the battery projects to energy suppliers on a long-term basis.

Our projects

efficient powerful profitable solutions accelerating the energy transition.

It’s all about balance

Utility-scale batteries are large-scale energy storage systems (20MW-400MW) usually located next to a grid substation. These batteries have the important role to support the grid to balance the intermittent nature of solar and wind, and allowing more efficient use of this energy.

With energy storage systems the energy markets are followed to keep the grid stable, manage congestion and mitigate volatility. This results in reduction of CO2 emissions, quicker development of renewable production and faster electrification of industry.

Besides developing the best storage projects at strategic land positions with highly established EPC contractors and technology suppliers, we design our projects to have the minimum environmental impact.

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